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Walking in pain

I've begun working with several resources; Daniel Amen's books, DVD's, questionnaires; Life Skills International concepts, "Love and Logic", "Love and Respect" and "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus" to name just a few of the high quality and powerful resources that address multiple issues. They address Brain health, Trauma, parenting, relationship needs, and gender communication.

These are no where near the extent of the problems people experience in life. COVID has exposed multiple shortcomings and dysfunctions in our families all the way up to our cultural norms; we have been shaken. The challenge has become the differing perspectives on how to move forward. Do we pull ourselves up by our bootstraps or is it up to those that have to take care of the have not's; in finances, medical, housing etc?

Problems in all these areas create individual and family conditions that are aggravated and magnified by circumstances and the pressures of life. Stress, substance abuse, and poor diet and more can create imbalanced brain chemistry. Domestic violence, sexual, physical and emotional abuse can create Trauma wounds that interferes with a persons ability to function in daily life. A fast moving society that offers to raise our children instead of making it possible for us to have the time and resources to do it ourselves. Failure in relationships as a result in not understanding each others needs when pressures arise. Finally, one of the huge areas that is showing up in our world in multiple forms and challenges is the failure of males and females to communicate with each other in meaningful ways.

I recommend looking into the resources listed at the beginning of this post if one of these situations fit your situation. Or better yet, seek out professional help from someone that has understanding and training in your area of need. It is critical to find a therapist that you are able to connect with and establish a relationship of vulnerability and honest disclosure. This is the most effective aspect of therapy and healing short of God's merciful intervention. I encourage you to seek that help today. Good luck my friend.

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