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At Advocate Counseling Outpatient Bessemer, we are focused on providing  Substance Abuse and Mental Health Counseling services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

Our programs are designed to work with males and females of any age. We primarily use cognitive behavioral therapy and add eclectic mixes of evidence based therapies that allow us to effectively meet the client where they are at in their life.  Our design is to assist the client with substance abuse treatment, life skills development, medical needs, psychological needs and spiritual growth.  Outpatient treatment is less structured and generally these services are on a one on one basis.

Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to serve you or your clients with exceptional customer and professional services focused on the holistic individual, Mind, Body and Spirit! Questions? Drop us an email and we will get right back to you!

​You can be assured – we have a commitment to excellence when it comes to the level of care we provide

Mental Health Counseling

We work compassionately to help you find restoration in the challenge of finding yourself, becoming stable and functional again. We meet you where your at to give you the hope you need to move forward with confidence.

  • Assessment and diagnosis

  • Psychotherapy

  • Treatment planning

  • Brief /solution-focused, CBT, Adlerian, ACT, Gestault therapy,

  • Trauma informed care

​Substance Abuse Outpatient

We help you untangle the mess that substance dependence makes in your life. We have been there and understand your pain. We also know the victory that awaits you. Currently taking private insurance.

  • Alcoholism and substance abuse treatment

  • Psychoeducational and prevention programs

  • AODA assessment

Marriage / Relationships

When we got together in marriage, I was my wife's 3rd husband and she was my 4th wife. Statistically we shouldn't have made it out of the honeymoon. This year we will celebrate our 20th year together.

We knew we needed help and we went out and learned how to do marriage. We have led studies, seminars and worked with multiple couples to date and have impacted these relationships in positive, restorative ways.

Alcohol Highway Safety

In both Wisconsin and Michigan, you will often be court ordered to take an educational course to show that you have become knowledgeable and aware of the mistake you made with substances and your motor vehicle.  Our course is designed according to the two states statutes and meets with Wisconsin Department of Transportation and Michigan Secretary of State approval. Why risk taking it with a company that is clueless and simply takes your money.

Family Therapy

We learned the challenges and found solutions for the ordeals experienced in a family first hand. We want to be able to share this wisdom with you.

Mental health, substance abuse, blended family, step, adoption and so many more issues bog families down and the love you desire to share becomes shouting matches and borderline greater concerns. Get help before some agency tells you that you have to do it. We have the skills to assist you with communication and order restoration.

  • TF-CBT certified

Employee Assistance Program

This valuable service is offered by many local employers. It allows you to talk to a professional about things that may be problematic but not diagnose-able. This service can deal with relationship issues, substances, mental health, financial guidance, grief or loss, sibling rivalry, stress or any number of other problems.

Check with your employer for how you can use this service and give us a call to arrange for help.

  • Magellan EAP

  • Aspirus EAP

  • Northstar EAP

Woman Wearing Mask
Driver's License Evaluation

In Michigan, when you get more than a first DWI, you will need to go through the license hearing process with the SOS. We have four (4) Years experience helping people get their license back.

We have sat in on hearings and have done more than 40 evaluations to date. We have better than an 80 % success rate and go the extra mile to help you get what you need to get the license restored.

Domestic Violence Class

I am the only Batterer's Intervention, Intimate partner violence trained counselor in the Western Upper Peninsula. We look at the issue in relevant ways to your circumstances. There is no cookie cutter way of handling this subject due to the complexity of the issues involved. Do you want to take a class to get the certificate? Or do you want to learn how to overcome the issues involved to avoid repeating your mistakes while you earn the certificate that will mean something when you complete your course.

Minor in Possession MIP

Our part of the country seems to have a culture that allows our youth to experiment however, don't get caught.

When you do get caught we had an 8 hour class available to educate and minimize the potential that the offense will happen again.

Parolee Programming

And for those that have been caught we offer reorienting programming. Thinking Matters, Anger Management,

Sex offender programs and other outpatient services to help you get on track the right way.

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