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And so it begins...

Mental health is nothing to sneeze at...well the reality is physical health has visible signs; a sneeze, fever, or identifiable pain. This is not the case for feeling down in the dumps or so anxious you break out in a sweat at the thought of going into the grocery store. How do you tell someone that your alright now but check back in a week when I'm climbing the walls (with my mood disorder).

It is even easier to share that you have a substance issue but so often this is tangled into the challenge of how your feeling. Actually quite often it is because of how your feeling that you get caught up in substances. Some would say that once you quit the substance, that's when you see the mental health issues surface.

I'm not here to argue either. Your family is important. Your spouse is important Your children rely on you to make the right decision for them and for yourself. I can tell you this though, if you don't address your mental health concerns they can lead to:

Alcohol and drug abuse and/or dependence

Marriage and relationship issues and/or divorce

Domestic violence or other aggressive behaviors

Isolation and possibly event suicidal ideations

Multiple disfunctional behaviors

Don't wait until someone else has to bring you to the therapist; (emergency room, family crisis worker, police or courts). Take some action now! Your ultimately the person responsible for your health and we can help you figure out how to make that a joyful experience worth living. Contact us today.

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