• Harry Swanson

She/He is your equal, your partner, your friend....the one you love?

I've been running a batterer's intervention group for years now and it never ceases to amaze me what men and w

omen do to each other. Most of you will surely believe that domestic violence is the man beating the woman. This is the most common, and certainly the most lethal. The truth is that there are men being beaten out there too, there are many reasons this doesn't get reported. Please keep your eyes open for individuals that you can help, there are signs...

In our area, the law requires that in a domestic call someone must go to jail. How that individual is picked has alot to do with who pushed who, the slap, the one that restricted departure or threw the phone. I think it is important to understand the circumstance, history, genogram connections and more before we choose to crucify the perpetrator. Regardless of how it is handled the violence must end and therapy is the place to start, right after the victims safety is assured.

Check out these wheels...keep in mind these destructive techniques can be used by either sex however the most common may be male on female.

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