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Marijuana - Now legal in MI, what fun!

We have now entered into a time when any individual can grow 12 of these for their own private use, have 10oz in their home and 2.5 oz on their person at any given time.

We are now compromising our education system and the abilities, and motivations of many of our young persons potential. I have been telling my clients for some time now with medical marijuana that they have basically given up their right to drive as THC in the system is considered impaired driving. Law has not established levels, think about that. Your using a drug that stores in the body fats for up to 30 days or more. Federal law makes it unlawful for anyone to purchase a gun if they have THC in their system.

By the is still against the law, Federal law, to use or possess marijuana. If you get yourself in trouble with the Feds and you have marijuana in your home, they can take the house.

Use wisely if you feel you must but realize that over just a few years use you will lower your IQ by approximately 2 points and lose the ability to maintain logical, sequential arguments over time. The THC stores in the body fats and helps you feel like this is the greatest thing since the creation of the world, at least thats what you will think. How could you think anything else?

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